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Article Requirements and Guidelines

We currently have a large number of authors who work for us and we need to ensure that the content which we produce is consistent throughout all of our sites. The guidelines below detail what we require for an article to be accepted:

  1. Each article should be at least 750 in length and be original work. Before you can add an article it is checked by our system for plagiarism and length. Any instances of web plagiarism will be found.
  2. We provide a deadline whenever a batch of articles is assigned to you and this must be adhered to. If for any reason you cannot meet the deadline, please let us know and we will try to be flexible. In general, we expect articles to be submitted at a rate of at least two per day or ten per week.
  3. Articles should be written in an informative manner based on factual information, with a lively and engaging style. It goes without saying that they must be thoroughly checked for grammar, spelling and syntax. As a UK site, we expect spellings, grammar and word-usage to conform to UK English standards.
  4. The title of the article must reflect the content of the article and not rely on the fact that it is part of a category or site. For example if an article is on 'safekids.co.uk' in the category 'child safety' it might seem reasonable to call the article 'Internet' however the article should be called something along the lines of 'Child Safety on The Internet'
  5. Subheadings should be used to break up any long blocks of text and have the initial letter of each main word in the heading capitalised. Bulleted lists can be used as required but should contain no more than 8 points and not make up the majority of the article. Ideally, each article should contain no more than one bullet list, the exception being where recipes or similar instructions are needed
  6. Each article should be written in the third person and contain engaging introductory and concluding paragraphs. You should not include details of companies or businesses that have a product or service to sell as this dissuades other sites from linking to us. Details of Government organisations or N-F-P Associations can be included if essential to the article.
  7. The article title should be clear and "specific" to the subject (with Internet searches in mind). Keywords or phrases relating to the subject should appear within the body of the article, without detracting from the reading experience and you should include a list of accompanying keywords in the meta keywords field.
  8. Please complete the meta description field with a 20-30 word article summary - this summary will often appear in the search results page on search engines such as Google and is also used as the article description in our newsletters.
  9. Please invoice monthly, ensuring a gap of 30 days between each invoice. Invoices are processed on the Friday of the week in which your invoice is received and payment usually reaches your account 3 to 4 working days after processing. Your invoice should be submitted to Tracey Thompson (tthompson@pts.com) and must be created using the PDF invoice generating facility on the PtS Author Central system
  10. We reserve the right to reject work which does not meet the requirements outlined above. If a piece of work is rejected you will be given the opportunity to undertake one re-write.
  11. Work will not be published or paid for unless we have received a completed transfer of copyright agreement from you (please ask if you have not received this form)
  12. If you have a look through the articles on some our sites PtS.com you will be able to get a feel for the style we require.