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What is PtS Content?

PtS Content is a specialist internet publisher based in Daresbury, Cheshire, UK. We publish only high quality, clear, expert-based information and editorial covering a wide range of human interest topics. To see a full list of our sites [click here] or to see an example site (Safekids, aBusinessFranchise or CakeBaker) simply click on one of the images below:

SafeKids Site
A Business Franchise Site
Cake Baker Site

All of our content provides up-to-date factual and engaging information. We use an in-house team of editors who work with a wide range of highly qualified UK based subject matter experts to ensure content is of a high quality.

Over the next 12 months we will enhance our sites through the use of user stories, case studies and other 'value added' material that will enhance our readers experience. If you have any material that you believe we could use on any of our sites then we would like to hear from you.

Our Freelance Writing Team

Having worked with us on their first project, almost all of our writers have committed to further work with us often adding additional articles for the site or sites that they have written for us.

At the moment we are not writing any new sites. If you do have any case studies, user stories or anything else that you believe could enhance our sites then please contact us using the 'Contact Us' page on the site you are interested in.

What Our Authors Say About Us

Below are some comments made by just a few of our authors:

"PtS is a dream to work with. Interesting assignments, prompt payment and responsive editors. I couldn't ask for more!"    (Beth Morrisey)
"PtS is a very professional company to work for. The regularity and variety of work, prompt payment and the flexibility the work offers a freelancer, who may have to juggle other writing commitments, is great."    (Jeff Durham)
"For freelancers, working with PtS is like a dream come true. Friendly, professional staff, always happy to work with you on everything. And best of all, they pay promptly."    (Chris Nickson)
"I've been working with PtS for a few years now it's been a joy the entire time. The team are professional, helpful and friendly. It's a great place to write for and is always interesting!"    (Tracy Whitelaw)
"I've completed a number of projects with PtS and am hoping to work on many more. Interesting work, regular commissions and quick payment of invoices - what more could a freelancer want?"    (Lucy Debenham)
"Some of the nicest people I've ever worked with and from a working freelancer's standpoint, you get prompt answers to queries and swift payment too. Oh yes, and you certainly get to write a lot!"    (Dr Gareth Evans)